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boss lady
budget planner

This is Perfect if you want to get better at tracking where your money going, setting goals and tracking milestones around your income, savings and investments.

It cannot be understated how much financial wellness is key to our overall wellness.


Our Budget planner will constantly ask of you to be aware of your financial journey throughout the year.

  • Are you managing your resources to live within your means,?

  • Are you making informed financial decisions and investments,

  • Are you setting realistic goals,

  • Are you preparing for short-term and long-term needs or emergencies

This simple but intuitive planner is now Available for purchase .

Color: Pink Boss lady cover
Cover: Spring Gold binding,hardcover full binding

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  'dear self' journal

Isn't she a beauty?
Keeping a Journal can be a great way to manage your mental health. It is never too late to start. Get yours and move forward with clarity of thought. #Minthouse'DearSelfJournals!


You can certainly learn & unlearn habits and learn more about yourself by reviewing what you do each day. We know this is not always easy and we all could use a little help sometimes . Our #Minthouse Journal prompts provide a safe space to express difficult emotions that you need to reflect on.
Get a 52 Prompts Deck at Kshs 1800

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Here you go! Get more Prompts cards such as this from us to help you in your Journaling journey through out the year. Order your 52 prompt cards deck now @ Kshs 1800!Available now at